Our Approach

At Leo F. Johns we are known for being “realistic from day one.”  From our pre-meetings to the post construction inspection, every stage is clearly established and results in greater control over design and construction costs.  We also see it as our business to offer you a level of customer service that is highly respectful, attentive, and courteous.

How We Work

First contact:  Once you contact us we like to spend some time on the phone getting to know more about you, your family, your lifestyle and the dreams you have for improving your living spaces.   The purpose of this initial phone call is so we can be better prepared when we meet.

Homework:   In preparation for our first meeting, you’ll want to gather photographs, magazine spreads, and/or websites that will help us visualize what you like (or don’t like) in relation to the project you are planning.

First Meeting – Usually at your home, this is when we get to review the ideas you have and get a look at the spaces you want to improve.   Here we will both lay everything out on the table: ideas, issues, challenges, and budgets.  If at this point it appears your budget does not quite meet your vision, we can review a number of options for bringing your project more in line with the money you have available to spend.

Design period – Once we agree on a “ballpark price” we can move into a design agreement, and begin the process that will determine your project’s true budget.  We’ll take photos and measurements, make conceptual drawings and we will determine an initial time-line.

Selection period – As long as costs are still in line with your intended budget we’ll begin setting up meetings with suppliers for the purpose of selecting products and defining specifications.  Working with Leo F Johns, you will have someone who can guide you through the entire process and keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

Contract & document period - We present you with a Construction Contract and other documents once all the decisions are finalized in the design & selection phases.   Once the agreements are signed we will place your project on our construction schedule, and will schedule a pre-construction meeting.

Pre-Construction period – Prior to your project beginning, you will be introduced to our Project Manager who will be the one to cover most of the day-to-day details of your job and answer any questions you may have. We will also review a detailed schedule for your project at this time, so you will know whom to expect at your home and when to expect them.

Construction period – This is when the visible work will begin on your project. There will be a number of on-site meetings between you and the various members of remodeling team.  We will document the entire process and we'll keep you on top of what is happening in your home at all times.

Post-Construction period – At the completion of the project we will schedule a walk-through to ensure the job has been completed to your satisfaction. Any outstanding items will be noted and corrected as soon as possible.  After you have agreed that all items are completed to your satisfaction we will review all warranties with you and make sure you are able to operate any new appliances and systems.

Once everything is completed to your satisfaction, we have just one more request – please refer us on to someone you know who may also be in need of a quality home remodeling job.

Happy Ending

Once you have experienced remodeling with Leo f. Johns Contractor, we anticipate you will be thoroughly pleased and wanting to refer us to your friends, colleagues and neighbors confident in knowing they will well taken care of. Please do, we would greatly appreciate it and you won’t regret it. Jerry & Jean Pattenaude, and Foreman Carl Flemming.